April 2016

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Sea Turtle nesting season is officially here!

On Wednesday, MacArthur Beach State Park on the northern end of Singer Island posted a picture of the first loggerhead turtle nest of the season to their Instagram page. The beach park can get up to 1500 loggerhead nests a year throughout their beach.

Since sea turtle season is once again here, it is important to remind everyone what to do when they find themselves around sea turtle nests:

Keep Your Distance
Don't touch or get too close to a nesting sea turtle. Make sure to keep your distance, stay quiet, and keep all lights off. Failure to do so could cause the turtle not to lay eggs or negatively affect how he covers her nest.

Let Hatchlings Emerge
If you see a hatchling on the beach, do not

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Photo courtesy of Doug Kerr

Once again, seaturtle nesting season is upon us. Throughout the beaches of Singer Island, caution tape is set up sporadically as sea turtles begin their nesting rituals. To coencide with sea turtle nesting season, MacArthur Park will be offering Sea Turtle Talk and Walks every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the months of June and July.

Tickets will cost $10 and will feature a night out under the stars on MacArthur Park's beach to get a glimpse of a nesting loggerhead sea turtle. The evening comes with the following requirements:

  • The event will go from 8pm-11:30pm. The event could go later depending on the turtles and no one will be allowed to leave until the Ranger allows for it
  • The event is not for children
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Every Thursday night during the year, Sailfish Marina and Resort features a Sunset Celebration. The Sunset Celebration is one of the premier arts and crafts shows of the Palm Beaches, featuring live music, food and drinks from the Sailfish Marina restuarant, and dozens of of tables of arts and crafts created by artists from all over the country.

The Sunset Celebration takes place every Thursday from 6pm-9pm and is free and open to the public. There is a $5 fee for on-site parking, Every week more than 35 artists from Seattle to West Palm Beach, and everywhere in between come to Sailfish to showcase their arts and crafts while live music plays in the background all along the Marina's waterfront.

Sailfish Marina and Resort is a full service marina and

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On Saturday, April 9th, Singer Island will host the Singer Island Half Marathon and 10K.

The race begins at 7am and will begin near the Blue Heron bridge. Depending on which race you copmpete in will depend on where on Singer Island you will be running. While the half marathon will encompass the entire stretch of Singer Island, including going over the Blue Heron bridge, the 10k will take place mostly on the southern part of the island with the bridge also being part of the course.

The half marathon will encompass breathtaking views of Peanut Island and the Port of Palm Beach. Also included in the course is John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. The park offers beautiful natural landscape views and was recently rated one of the top beaches in Palm

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Singer Island is known for its sprawling ocean and Intracoastal views and everything that comes with a lifestyle on the water. There are also excellent land based options for those living on Singer Island as well, including golf. While there are no golf courses on the island, some of the best golf courses in the area are located just a short drive from the island itself both to the north and the south. Here are some of the best private, and public, golfing options around Singer Island:

North Palm Beach Country Club: Open since 2006, the 18 hole Jack Nicklaus designed course is one of only two Nicklaus designed municipal golf courses in the United States. Situated on the Intracoastal, North Palm Beach Country club has been rated a top ten course to

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