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Dear Mr. Nugent,

Please accept my wife's and my sincerest thanks for a job superbly done by you and your staff.

Your guidance in establishing a price that was reasonable and made the quick sale possible. It could not have come from someone that lacked expertise in this most difficult business, the Real Estate market.

You are truly blessed to have a staff that is second to none, especially your wife, Kathie, who is so polite and kind and so very professional.

What can I say, other than say thank you, thank you, thank you...

I hope we meet again and do busienss again. I know I could not find a more trustworthy entity to deal with than your company.


Mark and Prena Shkreli (sellers of 4200 North Ocean Dr, Singer Island #1201-2) 

M. Mark Shkreli

Dear John:

As 2014 comes to a close, so did the sale of my property on Singer Island. For that I wanted to write a brief letter thank you, and your team, for everything you have done to bring this transaction to a successful closing.

As you know, I have been a real estate broker in Wisconsin for many years. Unfortunately, the way real estate is performed in our two states is vastly different, from the people to the contracts. You, Kathie, and Kelly continuously kept me informed as to any changes in my listing and subsequent sale. Whether it be by phone, email, or text, someone always kept me updated. I appreciated your professional opinion throughout the transaction.

I encourage you to use me as a reference in the case you have any prospective clients who are considering you as their agent.

Sincerest regards,
Jason Hennen 

Jason Hennen

Hi John and Kathie --

We did it! Yesterday, August 7th, we closed on the property and all is well.
I'm writing this note to express my appreciation for your work making this sale happen from the time we first met until it closed.
You began by clearly explaining the process, telling me what I could do, as well as what I should do in order to maximize my changes for selling the condo quickly.
You told me in detail what you would do from the time we signed up with you right through closing and everything you said you would do, you did do.
In hindsight, I have to smile when I think about our first meeting. You came highly recommended by Joyce, Eastpointe 1's building's manager, and you were not bashful when it came to selling yourself and Waterfront Properties.
I expect all sales people to do that and I, as the prospective customer, listen and hope that at least most, if not all, of what I'm hearing turns out to be true.
You did not oversell yourself!
You did everything you said you would and met every expectation I could have for a broker to sell my property. You and/or Kathie were always responsive to my calls, and whenever there was a bump -- and it seems with lending institutions as they are nowadays, bumps are the norm and not the exception -- you held my hand as needed. That was good and helped a lot insofar as this was the first property I'd ever sold.
It's been a bit of a learning experience, a bit of an adventure and most importantly, an adventure with a happy ending.
I want to thank you both very much for all you did to make this sale happen.

Kindest regards and the Very Best of Wishes as Your Business Goes Forward,

Doug Sands

Doug Sands

Marcia and I would like to thank you and your very capable staff for your efforts which resulted in the sale of our property. You started with a very realistic assessment of what we could expect to sell our condo for, followed by a nicely done video of our property showing its best assets, followed by bringing buyers in to see our place. The sale went quickly and without a problem. Every step of the sale was communicated to us so that we knew exactly what to expect throughout the process. 

Thanks so much for your very professional work and attitude.


Greg and Marcia Beifuss

Greg and Marcia Beifuss

As I sit here on Mother's Day thinking of all the special people in my life, John Nugent is right up there. He helped me sell my deceased mother's Seawinds condo in 3 days (a 3-bedroom "A" unit, at a time when no others were available).

I hadn't sold a house in 38 years and at that point, I had the expertise of a Phila. real estate attorney as my husband.

When you wait seven years for the Singer Island market to right itself, 2015 v. 2008, a Seller doesn't want to hear "low ball appraisals".

HOWEVER, three highly respected Singer Island Realtors were mired in the comps.

They lacked John's saviness and 18-year knowledge of the Singer Island Condo market.

A change was in the air in January 2015, and they missed it - only regrouping when they heard confirmation of my sale.

To a Seller, a difference in asking price of $550 versus $700 -- matters....

John led me through the Seller's agreement, and every step of the transaction. He gave me immediate feedback on all my fears, questions, and concerns. He was always very generous with his time - and patient.

I believe that I got the highest price, to date, at Seawinds for my unit --

All because of John Nugent's expertise in knowing what the market would take and his ability to showcase my unit's unique attributes.

You would be happy to know that the generous gift you left me in 2007 has been realized through the intervention of a very special man who recognized the intrinsic value of the asset you left me.

Your loving daughter,
Pamela Kennedy Davis
  (solely of Tampa as of 3/6/15) 

Pamela Kennedy Davis