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What's Your View Worth?

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Thursday, August 31st, 2017 at 1:08pm.

Living the lux life in a south Florida condo is a dream many people share. While there are a number of unit options in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, chosing one on Singer Island is not only a smart choice, but also one that'll make you the happiest. Here's why:
Key word: Waterfront. Market trends show that condos with waterfront views are selling for up to double of the cost of an identical one with a city view. Recent research conducted by the Ross100 Condo Index of Miami shows that buyers in the south Florida area are willing to pay anywhere between 38-101 percent more for a front view of the ocean rather than the city. The more dramatic difference in price takes place in the Miami area however, which is understandable considering the city side is very loud, packed, and hectic. The good news about Singer Island condos is that there's no city side- it's all beachfront, including the parks, restaurants, and small shops. 
People want a relaxing sensation in their household. Picture walking into your home and the first thing that catches your eye is the gleaming ocean spanning the horizon straight ahead of you. You open the sliding doors and take a breath of fresh, salty air. And then picture youself standing on the balcony, closing your eyes and listening to the waves crash. Ah, serentity. 
There are proven health and spiritual benefits of living close to the ocean. For starters, the ocean has been proven to inspire compassion, creative thinking, and reduce anxiety, as found by Dr. Wallce J. Nichols, author of "Blue Mind." In his book, Dr. Nichols presents the scientific evidence confirming that being near, in, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at your goals. It is also proven, especially for those with respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, coughing, and sinus, that salty sea air can make a difference in just one day. The ocean air holds negatively charged hydrogen ions that help the body absorb oxygen and stabalize serotonin levels, producing more energy and diminished depression. So there you go- it's scientifically proven that you will be happier living in a waterfront condo!

There are good reasons for people to prefer a beach view opposed to a city one. It's two totally different vibes. If you're ready for a waterfront lifestyle, Singer Island is a beautiful stretch of beach and a gem for real estate. John Nugent is Waterfront Properties' agent specific to Singer Island and North Palm. He has a selection of pristine listings and has sold more condos on the island than any other agent for 20 years in a row. He has a unit ready for you and it has a view that makes it all worth it!

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