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Deep Sea Fishing

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 1:41pm.


Florida is the #3 state in the country for most registered boats, with almost 1 million residents owning a vessel. While boating allows many amenities to be enjoyed, probably one of every boater’s favorite activities is offshore fishing.

There’s nothing like a sunny day, boating on the big blue ocean and casting out a line. As you listen for the reel to spin, you’ll find your adrenaline building for your line to take off! The Atlantic coast has massive fish that are sure to put up a battle. The fish you’ll find deep sea fishing off of Singer Island and the surrounding areas include Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Tuna, Sailfish, and Blue Marlin. Some of these fish can weigh over a thousand pounds!  Once you finally reel ‘em in, you will feel a strong sense of accomplishment and be proud of your catch.

If you’re thinking about giving big game fishing a try, there are plenty of local charters who can show you the ropes. Singer Island alone has 5 different charter boat companies and there also many more in the surrounding area.  Here are the ones located on Singer Island, click on the hyperlinks to be taken to their websites:

My Islands Adventure Charter

Fish Castings Charter

Do Stay Charter

Showtime Sport Fishing Chater

Reel Deal Sport Fishing Charter

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