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Things to do on Peanut Island

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Monday, August 13th, 2018 at 2:34pm.

Less than 400 yards from the south end of Singer Island lies an even smaller island named after a world-famous nut. Peanut Island, dubbed "beauty in a nutshell" is 79-acres full of history, clear water, great snorkeling, and lots of other recreation. 

Located in the inlet between Singer Island and West Palm Beach, Peanut Island is easily accessible by boat or even kayak for Singer Island residents. Those who don't have their own boat can also take either the Peanut Island Shuttle from West Palm or the Sailfish Marina Water Taxi from Singer Island. Peanut has three separate boat slips on the perimeter that are free for day use. 

The island has a Cold War-era bunker for John F. Kennedy had he needed to use it. It's now open for the public to explore as a part of the Palm Beach Maritime Museum which was built later on. The bunker has the president's seal on the floor, a desk and American Flag in the corner and canned goods and items from the 1960s. 

The island also has a 1.25-mile walking path that circles all the way around. Along the way you'll pass a boat house, observation deck, wildlife habitat, campsites and a 280-foot boardwalk that stretches out over shallow water.

While there are plenty of things to do in such a little spot, many people enjoy going to the island to snorkel. On the east side there's a trail consisting of natural limestone reef as well as artificial tetrahedrons put in place by the county as part of their reef renourishment program (reef site map). The clear, shallow water and vibrant reefs are perfect for spotting large and small schools of fish, sea turtles, starfish and even manatees. Sink, Florida, Sink!, a South Florida scuba diving resource site, has a video of snorkeling on Peanut Island you can check out below. The site is useful for checking tide times so you can plan a snorkeling trip at high tide. 


For more information about Peanut Island, check out this Sink, Florida Sink! page. View homes/condos for sale around this area or contact Waterfront Properties for more on Singer Island. 

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