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Singer Island's Annual Weather

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 at 4:27pm.

So you're thinking of moving to an island paradise in South Florida, but may be wondering "Is it too hot for me?" or "What about hurricanes?" First off the answer is no, it's never too hot when you have a refreshingly cool ocean in your backyard- but let's talk a little bit about the weather for those concerned. 

Singer Island has a pretty consistent weather pattern when you look at the charts over the past 100 years. The area averages a high of 77 (F) and low of 60 in the winter months with a high of 89 and low of 75 in the summer. The summer months are also when it's the rainy season since the Caribbean hurricane season is June-November. Singer Island sees about 7 inches of rainfall during this time period, which is a good thing because it prevents drought and we typically only experience the short afternoon rain shower.

As for the "H-word"- hurricanes are less of a concern for islanders. Being on a barrier island puts residents in a safer spot with less debris that cause obstructions and the condos on Singer Island are built to withstand storms beyond the scope of our experiences. There have only been 20 storms that have directly hit the South Florida region in the past 150 years- so average that out to a hurricane every 5 years and take into consideration that 9 out of 10 were lower-level. The eye of a hurricane has only passed over the island in 1949 and in 2005 but no one was ever hurt thanks to the fact that most-if not all- of the condos are outfitted with hurricane impact windows and doors at the least. 

Now that you know you're safe from hurricanes, let's get back to the sunny side of the island- since the majority of our skies are bright blue throughout the year. Islanders get to enjoy the gleaming ocean to their east, with crystal clear waters and a world of sea life to discover, and to the west residents will find the blue Intracoastal, popular for boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and more.

Singer Island averages 13.5 hours of daylight in the summer which makes it the perfect time to enjoy the many things to do within the realm of the small island. Go jet skiing, take a water taxi to Peanut Island and camp out, snorkel world-class reefs, grab a bite at the outdoor mall- there's an endless supply of entertainment. 

So let's recap. Annually, Singer Island has mostly sunny skies, a temp in the low 80s and an overall pleasing subtropical climate. There are many things to do not only on the island, but in West Palm just over the bridge, and further like a boat ride down to the Keys or the Bahamas. It's safe to say the affluent residents on Singer Island have made a good choice for location, relishing the life many only dream of.

To find out more about what makes Singer Island unique and to see luxury condominiums available for sale, click here. Follow our blog page for more updates on Singer Island including events and things to do. 

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