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Posted by Amanda Hicks on Monday, August 28th, 2017 at 2:09pm.

The Singer Island Outdoor Center is hosting five LightSUP tours this September. For those who don't know, SUP is an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding. Paddleboards are long, very buoyant boards that you can stand up and paddle around on or sit on and paddle, if you're still getting used to balancing. The SUP trend has taken over south Florida waterways because it is easy, fun, and good exercise, and anyone can do it.
While taking a paddleboard out on a sunny day is a relaxing and leisurely, taking one out at night is a new and very cool experience. The lights under the board are bright enough for you to see straight through the clear water near the island and they also help attract nocturnal marine life which you can see swim right underneath you and all around you. The lights are also bright enough to navigate undoubtedly for those feeling skiddish about being in the dark- so don't let that stop you! The tour will be making stops at sections of reef where wildlife thrives and at stops where you can see suken treasures. 
This Friday, September 1st, is the first of five LightSUP tours happening on Singer Island. Participants will be meeting at Phil Foster Park at 7:30 p.m. and paddling until 9 p.m. The cost is $40 and includes all you'll need. If you can't make this one, the four other tours are happening on Septermber 2nd, 15th, 16th, and 30th. To sign up click here or call 561-460-3048. 
Phil Foster Park is located at 900 E Blue Heron Blvd., Riviera Beach.

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