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International Coastal Clean Up on Singer Island This Weekend

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Thursday, September 21st, 2017 at 12:31pm.

Do you care about clean water, safe beaches, and healthy marine life? Come join hundreds of others making a difference this weekend on Singer Island. International Coastal Clean Up Day takes place during the month of September and is the world's largest one-day volunteer effort. Twelve million volunteers in 100 countries clean up beaches, lakes, rivers, and canals in an effort to save our waterways. (Normally the event takes place internationally on the 16th but because of Hurricane Irma, Palm Beach County adjusted their clean up dates). Last year, volunteers worldwide picked up more than 2 million plastic bottles and bags off the beach and over 18 million pounds of trash. Sadly, plastic is found in 62 percent of sea birds and 100 percent of sea turtle species. Marine life suffers horribly from floating debris and water turns toxic from being contaminated. The people of Singer Island and North Palm will be meeting from 8 a.m. to noon this Saturday, September 23rd, at MacArthur Beach State Park to pick up any trash found along the beach. But the International Coastal Clean Up is more than just removing garbage. Detailed information about the debris will then be entered into a database which will be sent to the Ocean Conservancy Organization, creators of the international event. The Ocean Conservancy analyzes and tracks the data yearly in order to inform the public of environmental issues and influence changes to better help our communities and our waterways. Here are some stats from the International Clean Up day last year based on the information sent to the organization:
Dumping and littering is a serious problem worldwide and it is drastically harming our environment. If you love the ocean, protect it by participating in this event and supporting the organizations trying to educate people on the importance of clean water. Thankfully, most people in our area respect local beaches and marinelife. Singer Island is especially important, known globally as a refuge for the Loggerhead sea turtle. Let's work together to preserve this beautiful place. Students who participate will also receive documented community service hours. For more information contact the Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park at 561-624-6952.

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