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Hobie Cat Sailing

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 at 3:01pm.

Is sailing on your bucketlist? Try Hobie Cat sailing on Singer Island! Hobie Cats (“cat” being short for “catamaran”) are small boats about  14 to 16 feet long. The difference between catamarans and traditional sailboats is that catamarans are balanced on two hulls rather than just one. This makes them faster and more stable and they are also superior to traditional boats in shallow water. Large cat vessels can have a cockpit and main cabin in the middle just like a regular boat, while smaller cats have netting to sit on.

Hobie Cats are a sailboat class of their own. No steering wheel, no cabin, just a sail and a net. Invented by notorious surfer Hobie Alter in the 1960s, Hobie Cats are small boats designed so that a single person can carry them onto the beach and make it past the shorebreak waves. They are lightweight, fast, and manuverable. The Hobie Cat revolutionized sailing. When it was first released, people all over the country organized races and ragattas at oceans, lakes, and rivers. In the past five decades, more people have taken on saling with a Hobie Cat than any other sailboat design.

Singer Island is the perfect spot for you to try Hobie Cat sailing. What better place to launch a sailboat than from an island where access is unlimited? Because the boats are so portable and easy to assemble, pick any beach to sail out of. The sea conditions are favorable for the sport year-round and the Atlantic water is clean, clear, and beautiful. Sail over to Peanut Island or head out to the open ocean and relax while you float under the sun. You can conveniently rent a Hobie Cat at the south end of Singer Island from Get Wet Watersports on Blue Heron Blvd. The company also gives Hobie Cat sailing lessons for new sailors.

Hobie Cat sailing is a fun activity for beginners and skilled sailors alike. Inspired by the spirit of surfing, sailing, and freedom, Hobie Cats will allow you to experience the revolution of sailing and the sense of accomplishment that comes with controlling a vessel by your own strength. For rentals click here and for lessons click here.


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