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Beach Restoration Project Approved

Posted by Dan Hauser on Thursday, December 8th, 2016 at 3:45pm.

Palm Beach County has approved a $1.4 million beach restoration project on Singer Island.

The plan calls for spending that money to restore 1.4 miles of Singer Island dune using up to 50,000 cubit yards of sand. The area sretches from Ocean Reef Park north to MacArthur Beach Park. 80% of the funding will come from the state and county with the city of Riviera Beach kicking in the other 20%.

The director of thhe county's Environmental Resources Management admitted that due to a lack of public beach access in the 1.4 mile stretch, the state cut a portion of the funding it normally would have given. Usually, the state will provide 50% of the funding, but in this case they provided 40% of the funding.

While the county didn't give a specific start date, they said the project is expected to begin shortly.

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